From the lead role in a popular show during the 1970’s to starring in FOX’s hit series, “That ‘70s Show,” actress Tanya Roberts continues to shine as one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. Possessing both talent and timeless beauty, she has found success across a multitude of entertainment mediums.

Roberts was last seen in the hilarious comedy, “That ‘70s Show.” Roberts played ‘Midge Pinciotti,’ an enthusiastic housewife enjoying the throes of women’s lib. “Although my character is not formally educated, she is very perceptive and bright. Plus, because she got pregnant at seventeen and married young, she’s starting to get a little wacky.”

A few years ago, Roberts participated in the USO’s Celebrity “Handshake” Tour in Bosnia and Kosovo. “I was so excited to go and support the troops, it’s a great way to say thank you,” said Roberts, who spent a week eating meals, touring the bases, and hanging out with the troops.

Born and raised in the Bronx, Roberts left high school in order to pursue a career in the performing arts. “I was a wild and crazy teenager so it took me awhile to get my act together,” says Roberts, who began studying acting under Lee Strasberg and Uta Hagen in New York. While landing a variety of modeling gigs and shooting television commercials for Ultra Brite and Clairol, she worked as an Arthur Murray dance instructor.  “I learned and taught mostly Latin dances,” she says. “My husband plays the conga drums, so we still enjoy listening and dancing to Latin jazz music.” Soon after moving to Los Angeles, Roberts caught her big break as the sultry private investigator ‘Julie Rogers’ on Aaron Spelling’s popular crime drama “Charlie’s Angels.” “It was my first steady job, and it launched my career,” says Roberts, who took only two auditions before landing the much-coveted role. “I did a dramatic scene where I had to cry, which was no problem because when I was younger I could cry at the drop of a hat.”

After achieving success on a hit television series, Roberts went on to star in a string of big screen features including BEASTMASTER; the James Bond thriller A VIEW TO A KILL; and SHEENA. “I’m an animal freak, so filming Sheena was the most fun for me,” says Roberts, who spent six months on location in Kenya. “I got to work with all of the animals and spend time in exotic places that were free from hunters.” Her other film credits include NIGHT’S EYES; and the comedy ALMOST PREGNANT opposite Dom DeLuise and Jeff Conway.

In addition to the more traditional mediums, Roberts also starred in the CD-ROM detective game “Pandora’s Box.” “It’s a difficult process because everything is shot in front of a blue background without any props, and I had to act out several different endings since there are so many moves for the player to choose from,” says Roberts, who has not tried it out yet. “A friend of mine played it and thought it was pretty neat. I’ll have to see how I do.”

Her additional television credits include guest appearances on “High Tide”; “Burke’s Law”; “Pajama Party”; and USA’s “Silk Stalkings”. Her theatre credits include the Off-Broadway hits “A View From a Bridge,” “The Hydes of March,” and “Sextette.”

Roberts is also an avid golfer. “I took it up about three years ago, but I must say I am a natural,” admits Roberts, who has played in tournaments for the Nissan Celebrity PRO-AM, the Arthritis Foundation, and the Los Angeles Police Department. “Golf is such a hard sport that every time I walk off the course I say to myself, “Thank God life is easy.”


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