**Important**  If you want to your photos personalized please fill out the box while ordering. State whom it should be signed to.
If you DON'T write anything down, the photo will be only signed by Tanya without personalizing.
You may email us if with any special request. But NO replacements will be sent, unless it's our mistake.  mpingel (at) msn.com
Pre-signed 4x6s can not be personalized - ONLY 8x10s
All photos are 8x10s unless otherwise stated

NOTE: PLEASE Do not send photos/merchandise or other items without payment. 
Items without payment will not be returned

2012 8x10 headshot

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8x10 color bikini 1981 poster

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Your Own Photo?
Do you have something special you would like to have Tanya sign?
Send it over and don't forget to let us know who it should be signed to.  

Per Photos: $20.00 + $5.00 shipping
Per Collectable: $25.00 + $5.00 shipping
*Do not include shipping if you send a self-address stamped envelope.

Please send  your item to:
Mike Pingel
1155 Hacienda Place #309
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Please include a check or money order.  
Checks made out to Tanya Roberts.
 Items without payment will NOT be returned with out signature.

*only if a self-address stamped envelope is included if no envelope the item will not be returned. 
Not responsible for lost or damaged items that is received in the mail.

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